I watched Euphoria last month, like everybody else. Teenage drama and come of age are two of my favorite genres of movies and tv shows. I love how well teenagers express their personalities through fashion, make up but specifically through decor. 

In Euphoria we can’t see much of the characters bedrooms, but there are plenty of examples of good screen teenage bedrooms and I’ve been loving them since I was a teen myself but my reality was very different from screen. I shared a bedroom with my sister when I was younger, and obviously had zero money to actually decorate a room, my friends bedrooms were the same: a lack of visual concept and lack of money to invest on cool stuff. They were not like in the movies.

But this year, as an actual “grow up”, I rented a place and could finally afford to make the teenage bedroom of my dreams, here at my late twenties, and I call it a teenage bedroom because my room is what I believe to be where I can express myself more freely, I think grown up bedrooms lack that little flame of rebellion, my dad says it's too crowded of things, my flatmate says the colorful lights gives her a headache, I think is the best place in the world.

I though on putting pics of my current room here but I want to keep it for myself and for ocasional snaps on my insta stories, but I found this amazing tumblr of teenage screen bedrooms that make me dream of simpler and more dramatic times.