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One of my favorite paintings of all times is Ophelia by the British artist Sir John Everett Millais.

I saw it first during right school on my literacy book, in the chapter about romanticism, I don't remember the text exactly, but it say something about how romanticists like flooding their work with symbolism. Something I appreciate to this day is attention to detail, so I was fascinated by the painting, every flower around her body meant something that made perfect sense with her story, obviously, I didn't like how she ended though. I currently have a print of the Ophelia painting on a little frame on my bathroom. My father calls her "the dead lady in the bathroom".

When I first saw the trailer for the movie Ophelia, I just couldn't believe it! It was made for me! Th aesthetic was EXACTLY what I imagine it for her story. Let me be real for a second, I've never read Hamlet, I tried to see an old movie about the story but it was a bore and I left in the middle. But this was HER perspective of the story. So this movie is to the original Hamlet as The mists of Avalon is to the Arthurian legend, and I The mists of Avalon was my actual introduction to magic (sorry Harry Potter).

The movie itself is an art piece by the director Claire McCarthy. I absolutely love the costumes, I don't know If they are historically correct but I love every detail, and the attention to color on Ophelia specifically is beautiful. I love how the female characters interact, Queen Gertrude and the witch in the woods being my two favorite secondary characters. I still think that the romance between Ophelia and Hamlet is really shallow, but I really like how they changed the ending.

P.S.: They incorporated the meaning of flowers in one of the scenes and it was perfect.