I still care too much about perfection...

Because the internet

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Let me tell you a little story about the internet on the late 90's...

We had a Windows 98 at my house that we could only use for a short period of time during the night, because it was cheaper.

My favourite site at the age of 8 was barbie.com, probably, because it was cute and it had little games...

But it was on the secret UOL chats with Harry Potter fans I developed my first sense of community.

I was always too weird to school, so the internet was where I found my things and my people. I do give my parents their share of guilt but really, I was raised by the internet, there I could find music, movies, comics, tv shows, books and information that wasn't normally accessible to a girl living on a VERY religious small town.

Then, it came social media: fotolog, orkut, msn... what a time!

Then, it came more social media: facebook, twitter and instagram, and with it smart phones! so now I could care my precious internet everywhere.

And then, real life came to the internet. Election, trouble on the family group chat, a flood of bad news on my feed, the comparison with other lives on instagram, the feeling that I don't want to share my real private life on internet anymore, it's too broad, and too toxic. Even the Harry Potter fandom is not a safe, cool place anymore, thanks a lot J. K. Rowling.

So here I am, back to blogging, something that it was cool on 2009 but now is a dying form of sharing content. I don't want to share anything, really.

Here I just want a safe space to collect the things that brought me to the internet 20 years ago.

A place to put my visual references, my favourite songs, movies, books... to put the internet where I like it the most: apart from the real world.